Saturday, January 26, 2008

Felted Slippers

Needles: US10/6.0 mm
Yarn: Gjestal Østlandsgarn (DK / 8 ply (11 wpi) 100% wool)

Cast on:
Woman: 19 sts, knit garter stitch 38 rows pr square
Man: 22 sts, knit garter stitch 44 rows pr square
Child: 14 sts, knit garter stitch 28 rows pr square
Baby: 10 sts, knit garter stitch 20 rows pr square

Knit squares, alternating colors. See diagram. The easiest way is to knit a contiuous strip of the first 6 squares, alternating colors. Then pick up and knit the stitches for the "flaps" at the sides of the strip.

Sew the slipper by joining matching colors from the diagram, red against red, blue against blue etc. 

Felt in washing machine, 60-90°C. Put a pair of jeans in the washer with the slippers to felt them more.

I've recieved some comments that the colors of the diagram are hard to separate when printed, so I've added another diagram with letters instead of colors for people without color printers.


  1. Har strikket disse til barn, naa skal jeg proeve herre.. Takk for moenster!

  2. Thank you soooo much for posting the pattern and the diagram.

    I've been looking for a pattern like this for a while.

    You are a STAR.... Will post a photo on Ravelry when I've finished and felted them


  3. Wonderfully written out and you did thoughtful diagrams!
    I will get to make these soon.
    Thank you.....

  4. This looks like a really interesting pattern, but how much yarn does it take>

  5. Alle i min familie har slike sko. De er bare saa god! Det er ogsaa ulig aa pynte dem.

  6. These are awesome! I ended up crocheting them though because it was faster but followed our pattern just the same.

  7. How many stitches do you pick up on the women's sz and on baby sz, and what age baby does the baby sz fit?

  8. Tussen takk for mønster! I have linked to your pattern from my blog, so here it is if you want to check it out:

  9. Thank you for this pattern!! I have lost track of how many pairs I have made. Friends and family beg for a pair when they see them! So easy, so simple, so beautiful, so comfy!!!

    1. Wonderful to see you have made many pairs much wool does it take to make an adult pair ???? Would love to try my first pair of felted slippers ....Thanks

  10. How much wool does this pattern take to make a pair for adults?

  11. I have knitted the pattern as above but I cannot work out how to join by matching either the coloured dots or the numbers! Can anyone help me please?

    1. The first time I made these (I am a visual person), I made myself a paper model, cutting out paper in the shape above, then folding and taping it together following the color codes to get an idea of how it went together (okay, to make sure I got it right before trying the same with my knitting, hehehe). I also numbered the pieces 1-8 so I could see where they ended up in the finished slipper to reference for future color variations. This was definitely one of those 'Trust the pattern' patterns for me, but so worth it, as it makes very cushy slippers.

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